Eco-Tourism – Bandipur being one of the first Nine Tiger Reserves in the country is in the forefront of Eco-tourism for the last more than three decades. Extending over an area of 82.00 Sq. km. constituting about 9.40% of the total area of the Reserve, the Eco-tourism activity is operated in the two Ranges of bandipur(54 sq km) and GS Betta( 28sq km). Of this, an area of about a Sq.Km. abutting the National Highway 67 bisecting the Eco-tourism area, there exists the administrative facilities, the halting facilities etc. In addition, the Eco-tourism area in Kundukere Range abuts the villages viz., Mangala, Chikkayelachetti and the areas where some of the Private Tourist Resorts are located. The Reserve has an advantage in having practically round the year Eco-tourism activities catering to every class of visitors, seeking recreation and a change to an authentically wild environment. The serious students of the plant and animal life and wildlife photographers of all hues visit this pristine Reserve. One has excellent opportunity of viewing the diverse Wildlife and the flora.